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hey since i have no life at all ima take this pointless lil quiz/app. thingy! haha wow ima dork lol!

whats ur name? maddy duh psh u guys knew that

how old are you? 13 jeez

girl or guy?gurl

if u have a car what kind do u have? oh yes i have the sickest car outta all u guys! no i lied im only 13 member

how many times have u seen dude wheres my car?more then i can count!

have u ever seen the movie good burger?cha!

do u consider urself a yemen? hell yea!

hmm interesting, what about vegan?of course im a founder deerz

what is ur favorite kind of cheese? ooooo difficult not sure

just for kix do u have a bf/gf?no serry bob

what is u r fave wurd? umm kadoodiling? zesty?kinky?

who is ur idol? i got hella idols man jesse chester garth wayne ed the list goes on...

do u enjoy the philosophy behind lil jons crunk? welll ya

do u like energy drinks?i live for themm

if so what is ur fave? monster biotch! but mage tastes the best

what color thong r ya wearin?*seductive smile*

where is the best place to frolick?u can frolick n*e where the wind blows u!  if that fails tho then follow the yellow brick road

discribe ur self using less then 6 wurds?dum, energetic,crAazy,sykopathic,a spaz

what kind of group do u catagorize urself in (if u absolutly had to)ummmmm skateish punkish i guess(not reele punk but  i listen to "punk" music

day or night?night

dark or light?dark


vanila?chocolate?vanilla all tha way

fave movie?ummm i got alot... anything stupidly funne or horror shit

if u have any pics then give us sum or a site where we can see ya, but if not humor us, tell us what u look like.oh deer i have no pics u can guess wat i like like since i kno all u bitches!

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  yea so im pretty bored at the moment its winter break as u all know and i havent been doing hardly anything the whole time!! so bored yea umm there isnt much to say but i figured i had better post in this thing and maybe well get lucky and sum one will join besides me sam and jill jeez so much for a biggish community any one who may run upon this here journal pleez join! yea i doubt that will happen tho so im just gunna be happy wit this community as it is oh yes that is wat i will do *big cheesy smile* 

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haha no one is written in this thing lol we need to get ppl 4 this okayy!!!!!! lol so yea im jus waitin for the motherly to come home so i can see if jill can spend da nite tonite yea i dont got much to say except this-RUN BITCHES RUN MILES IS COMING DUCK AND COVER!!!!!!!