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shibby biotch shibby

chronicles of kool ppl

state of yemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shibby biotch shibby!
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hey this community is gunna be so sick once it gets goin!!!!! all u guys who r not in this community shud join pronto!!! so yea if u want to join then it would help if u would post this in the community just so we kno a little about you people

whats ur name?

how old are you?

girl or guy?

if u have a car what kind do u have?

how many times have u seen dude wheres my car?

have u ever seen the movie good burger?

do u consider urself a yemen?

hmm interesting, what about vegan?

what is ur favorite kind of cheese?

just for kix do u have a bf/gf?

what is u r fave wurd?

who is ur idol?

do u enjoy the philosophy behind lil jons crunk?

do u like energy drinks?

if so what is ur fave?

what color thong r ya wearin?

where is the best place to frolick?

discribe ur self using less then 6 wurds?

what kind of group do u catagorize urself in (if u absolutly had to)

day or night?

dark or light?



fave movie?

if u have any pics then give us sum or a site where we can see ya, but if not humor us, tell us what u look like.

thanx a bunch and pleez pleez join this community!!!!! it rox my sox!!!!
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